Find real hope during the storms of life

Find real hope during the storms of life

The storms of life can change your world in a moment.  If you, or someone you know, is struggling, Pastor Jeff has two resources that will surely help. 


The Real Revival booklet will help you experience a revival in your heart so you can rejoice – we mean really rejoice – in Him even when the storms come.


The second resource is a powerful 7-message series called Encountering the Real Jesus. It examines who Jesus really is – not the image many people have of Him – but rather what the Bible reveals about His true identity, character, mission, and message.


When you know who Jesus really is, your storms will not be the biggest thing in your life – He is.  And this makes all the difference as you face life’s inevitable storms.


Both of these gifts are our thanks for your support this month.


Messages include:

  • The Big Question

  • What Happens after Death

  • When the Storms Meet the Savior

  • Shining the Light on Sin and Salvation

  • From the Lamb to the Lion

  • Plus 2 more ...


By God’s grace and through your faithful partnership, we’ll continue to see lives transformed in Jesus’ name. God bless you!


Requests outside the USA will receive link to download materials as MP3/PDFs.


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